BanSystem Discord-Addon

BanSystem Discord-Addon 1.1.0

[+] BanSystem 2.5.0 compatibility
[+] Added new announcements
[+] Improved some existing announcements

Please add the following lines to messages.yml:

editbanreason-title: "Ban reason edited"
editbanreason-description: "The ban reason of [0] has been changed by [1]."
editbanreason-reason: "New reason"
editbanreason-color: "#F10909"

editmutereason-title: "Mute reason edited"
editmutereason-description: "The mute reason of [0] has been changed by [1]."
editmutereason-reason: "New reason"
editmutereason-color: "#F10909"

editbantime-title: "Ban time edited"
editbantime-description: "The ban time of [0] has been changed by [1]."
editbantime-reason: "Remaining time"
editbantime-color: "#F10909"

editmutetime-title: "Mute time edited"
editmutetime-description: "The mute time of [0] has been changed by [1]."
editmutetime-reason: "Remaining time"
editmutetime-color: "#F10909"
Added a new Placeholder to the following events: by-Placeholder ([1])