FriendSystem 2.2.0

[+] Improved performance in MySql and MongoDB
[+] Fully editable commands

If you have already installed the system, please replace the "Command" section in your config.yml to:
    Name: "friend"
    Description: "Friend menu"
    Aliases: ["f", "fmenu"]
If you find bugs, please contact us via Discord or Github!
[+] Fixed MySql time zone error.
[+] Msg-Feature
[+] LanguageAPI improvements
[+] MongoDB logger turned off
[-] The UI icons are no longer editable because of several reasons

Please add the following lines to message.yml:
friend-not-online: "&e[0] &cis not online."
msg-received: "&aMessage from &e[0]&a: &7[1]"
msg-sent: "&aMessage to &e[0]&a: &7[1]"
friend-message-title: "Message"
friend-message-select: "Select a friend."
friend-message-message: "Specify a message you want to send to your friend."
All player data can still be used. But messages will be saved in a new file.

[+] Code improvements
[+] UI support
[+] Sounds
[+] API for developers

If you find bugs, feel free to send them to me via Discord or Github!
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[+] Added command /friend msg <Player> <Message>
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