FWatcDog-(Stop updating)

FWatcDog-(Stop updating) 1.1.1

1. There are Hard-Coded chinese messages
2. Pulled me back on Movement.
3. Why do it have to get activated using a command???

All in one.. Sorry, but I dont like it...
First of all, I come from China. I don't have much time to turn Chinese into English.And Watchdog is a passive anti-cheating, and it is his characteristic to detect cheating toys by reporting commands.I'll add active detection later.Secondly, you can solve the problem of pulling back players by turning off the pullback option in the configuration file.I am very happy to see your feedback. I will improve this plug-in and make it satisfy you.
Good work! I don't understand the bad reviews. They are just from people, that don't read the description.
Its a fantastic plugin that can check multiple hacks even Horion!
cool aber nicht cool genug weil paar hacks immernoch gehen also nur 4 sterne du kannst es aber beheben dann gebe ich 05 sterne
(Google Translate)I really appreciate it. I have finished version 1.1.0 and will release it later. It fixes known vulnerabilities and increases the detection of reach.