GChat 1.3.6

1.Fixed chat rooms displaying "%" around player's name.

1.Chat room moderators.
  1. Supported PlaceholderAPI.
  2. /shout won't cause errors when used by console anymore.
  3. Performance improved.
  1. Chat room moderator.
  2. Chat room storage.
CONFIG_VERSION is now 1. Please update the config file by deleting the old one. :)
1.Performance improved a lot by preloading prefix & suffix.
2./chatroom will now add you to the newly created chatroom if you aren't in any chat rooms.
3.Better error handling, you can now see what's wrong.

  1. Support PlaceHolder API.
  2. Implement all chat room commands.
Change log:
  1. Supported colors for prefixs, suffixs, etc.
  2. Create chat rooms via commands.
  1. Wroking on the support of PlaceHolder by CreeperFace.
  2. Working on chat room moderators.
  3. Preload prefixs and suffixs for better in-game experience.
1.Changed dynamic prefix loading structure, now it loads classes that are pre-compiled.
2.Fast-switching supported, now you don't have to type a command to speak outside.

  1. working on chat rooms.
  2. working on commands.

Notice: Config version changed, just delete the old config.yml.
1.Bugs fixed.
2.Improved startup performance.
3.Added warnings when having concrunent issues with dynamic prefix.
4.Code clean up.
  1. Improved start up performance.
  2. Enhanced dynamic prefix.
  3. Chat rooms now supported scope changing(speak outside the chat room).
  4. Minor bugs with chat formatter fixed.
1. Enhanced chat rooms.
2. Now the compilation of dynamic prefix works better and errors during the compilation are handled differently.

Notice: You must have JDK on your PC/server installed to use the compiling.
1.Bugs with commands fixed.
2.Storage feature enhanced.

Currently, there are some issues with encoding.
1.Bugs fixed.
2.Added isolation feature to chat rooms.