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Experimental PrisonMines 1.1

Compatible API Versions
Video tutorial is on the way.

Depends on:
This plugin works alongside my prison ranks plugin you will need both of them.
Link to it:
Also need: PlaceholderAPI and KotlinLib.

/mine (open up menu to teleport to a mine)
/mine edit [permission: prisonmines.admin] (open the mine editor menu)
/mine settp <mine> [permission: prisonmines.admin] (set the teleport location of mine)
/mine reset <mine> [permission: prisonmines.admin] (reset a mine)

Setting up 'A' mine:
1. make sure you have setup the 'A' rank in the prisonrankups. Can be called anything in this case we call it 'A'
2. be close to the mine you wish to setup and use /mine setup A
3. you will be given the mine wand, now select the two corners of the mine. Then tap any block.
4. the mine is created you may now use /mine edit and select 'A' and edit the block composition and tplocation :)

When editing the block composition MAKE SURE to use this format: BlockID:Chance[1-100]
This is important! Example: 1:100 for 100% stone.

Alternatively use the mines.yml to configure the mines.

You can also use the placeholder %A_resetMineDelay% to get the countdown to next mine reset in a hologram :)

TODO: Add the ability to edit the two corners of the mine locations, Add luckyblocks, add more configuration options.

Please report any bugs!!!
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed stuffs and added more config options

    This update fixes placeholderapi support for mines. Adds these config options: - Prefix (add...