[+] Fixed MySql time zone error.
The files of this plugin will be saved in a new folder, but some data, like messages, you can copy to the new plugin.

[+] Code improvements
[+] More new features
[+] API for developers

If you find bugs, feel free to send them to me via Discord or Github!
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If you have already installed the reportsystem, then you have to delete the whole config folder, because some big things have been changed.

[+] The system now supports MySql, so you have to install the plugin DBLib on your server additionally (If you use MySql).
[+] Also added the feature to search player's reports which is activated when you use MySql or MongoDB. This feature does not support Yaml.
[+] Editable commands.
[+] Code/System improvements.
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[+] An error has been fixed.
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