WatchDogX 1.0.8

Compatible API Versions
WatchDogPlus and WatchDogX AntiCheat
(Now the plugin from 0.15 version are paid version)

FREE: Version below 0.1.5-BETA-OFFLINE-Build32
PAID: WatchDogX (The best anticheat for Nukkit)
The free version is no longer maintained and updated, while the paid version has more ways to detect cheating, less miscarriage of justice, and more functions, such as custom permissions to bypass detection.

How to buy a WatchDogX account?
join my discord and find me.

Price: 3.09 USD

If you want to try WatchDogX, you can also join my discord and find me.Just say you want to have a try of WatchDogX, and I will give you a free account for three days.

WatchDogX need a depend plugin to login on WatchDog User SQL.
WatchDogKernel Download :

We stop players on your server for cheating.
Wiki Link: Discord:

WatchDogX is an anti-cheating with powerful detection ability, which involves the detection of movement, attack and data packet. It will ensure that there are no cheaters on your server.
WatchDogPlus has a highly customized configuration file. You can modify all the prompts in it.

WatchDogX have powerful checks to keep your server more safer.

WatchDogX could block:
  • SurvivalFly (17 checks)
  • AirJump (1 check)
  • HighJump (1 check)
  • Speed (13 checks)
  • Bhop (5 checks)
  • Blink (3 checks)
  • NoPacket (1 check)
  • MagicMoving ( 3 checks)
  • AutoAim (1 check)
  • KillAura (9 checks)
  • Critical (1 check)
  • Reach(Place/Break/Fight) (4 checks)
  • HitBox (1 check)
  • NoSwing (1 check)
  • Nucker (2 checks)
  • FastPlace (1 check)
  • Scaffold (1 check)
  • ColorChat (1 check)
  • FastChat (1 check)
  • FastCommand (1 check)
  • AutoCleaner (1 check)
  • ChestStealer (1 check)
  • InventoryMove (2 checks)
  • NoFall (1 check)
  • NoSlow (2 checks)
  • InvalidPacket (4 checks)
  • NoClip/Phase (2 checks)
  • Velocity (3 checks)
  • BoatFly (1 check)
  • AutoClicker (4 check)
WatchDogX will support more kinds of cheats in the future.

Ban System:

Bypass Promission:
If you are using WatchDogX,you can custom all the bypass permission in config.

watchdogplus.bypass.flyBypass fly check
watchdogplus.bypass.speedBypass moving check
watchdogplus.bypass.fightBypass fight check
watchdogplus.bypass.othersBypass all the others
Plugin Support:

  • Doubld Jump
If you think some tests are defective and often pull back players, you can find "check.type.switch" in the configuration file,please change the "true" to "false",then you can close the lagback.For example, change "wad.check.survivefly.switch: true" to "false".

If you want to use the WatchDog administrator command, you must add yourself to the StaffList in the configuration file.WatchDog, a player with Staff, will relax the testing standards, just like Hypixel.
  1. /wad showbuffer (List suspicious players)
  2. /wad ban <Player> <Days> <Hours> (Ban a player through WatchDogPlus)
  3. /wad unban <Player> (Remove a player from ban list)
  4. /wad see <Player> (See a player's info)
  5. /wad banwave (See banwave list)
  6. /wad admin (Open staff tool UI)
  7. /wad test (Spawn a test Zombie)
  8. /wad testui (Add a waring in Staff Tool)


how to use Staff Tool UI? You need to download the library plugin GUI.
Command: /wad admin

Start using WatchDogX now!

WatchDogAPI(For developers)

- PlayerCheatEvent
It triggers when a player cheats.

- PlayerLagBackEvent
Triggered when a cheater is pulled back by

- PlayerAddViolationEvent
Triggered when a player's VL value increases.

- PlayerViolationChangeEvent
Triggered when a player's VL value changes.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.8 Update

    - Fixed Speed - Fixed some problems with thead - Add AntiVoid check
  2. WatchDog 1.0.7 Update

  3. 1.0.6 Update

    - Fixed Speed check - Fixed AutoClicker check - Fixed NoFall check - Add Time delay setting in...

Latest reviews

Good Anticheat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great Plugin, Lots of Updates, Bugs are patched within a week, detects so many hacks, and by far the best anti-cheat for CloudBurst. Well worth the cheap price.
The last review:

"CloudburstMC should be a platform that provides free plugins. I don't like the idea of taking money for an extended version. The free version should also receive updates."

The paid version is well worth your money not to mention Cheap ($3). supporting any plugin developer is not bad or wrong.
CloudburstMC should be a platform that provides free plugins. I don't like the idea of taking money for an extended version. The free version should also receive updates.
Good job(Why, for God's sake, do we have to get 50 characters)