WatchDogX 1.0.8

- Fixed Speed
- Fixed some problems with thead
- Add AntiVoid check
- Fixed Speed check
- Fixed AutoClicker check
- Fixed NoFall check
- Add Time delay setting in Staff Tool UI.
- Add NoFall check.
- Fixed AutoClickerB check
- Fixed Phase check
- Fixed NullPointerError
- Fixed AutoClicker check
- You don't need to remove old config when update a new version now.
- Fixed Speed check
- Add AutoClicker Check
- Add new ways to check antiWater
- Add Staff Tool UI
- Add some new ways to check hacker.
If you want to use the UI. Please download library plugin GUI.
The download is in the plugin's console.
a little mistake because of upload.
And remove Debug message when player on Ladder.
Please close DebugMode in config at "logging.debugMode: true", change it to "false",
then WatchDogPlus won't send Flag and Debug message in your server.