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  1. ScRay

    How do I install Plugins?

    I haven’t used Raspberry Pi a lot, but since it has a Linux-based OS, I think that FTP is enabled by default. Just use the same credentials as for your default login, be sure to use SFTP protocol in your FTP client and - if it didn’t happen automatically after choosing SFTP - change the port to...
  2. ScRay

    How do I install Plugins?

    You can either use wget or curl to download plugins to the desired folder, or use FTP to connect & transfer files over to you Raspberry (it seems to me that it’ll be easier for you to configure FTP rather than you do all that console stuff).
  3. ScRay

    About addWindow

    That’s called “classical” interface which can be turned on via “Settings” -> “Video”. Since it’s a client-only setting, I’m not sure if it is possible to send such chest inventory windows.
  4. ScRay

    Error "Throwing"

    This may help you understand the problem - just google it.
  5. ScRay


    If you think of Java Edition & Bedrock Edition playing simultaneously - even if there are plugins that do extra packet translation, even if they do support all the stuff these two different Minecraft versions offer, due to different account management (Mojang vs. Xbox Live accounts) and extra...