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    (Looking For Plugins to Be Made) Will pay for them!

    Hello, My name is jbreadtoasty AKA Hero Nash I would like some plugins made for nukkit, the list is down below. USD currency Hide And Seek I want to be able to make custom props to hide with or use blocks from minecraft to hide with. $20 Per world inventory so each world when teleported to it...
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    (Plugin Request) MineReset

    Functions 1. Choose 2 positions 2. Create the mine 3. Set percentages of the blocks to be in the mine such as gold ore/ diamond ore, etc in percentages equaling up to 100% so like gold ore 20% redstone ore 80% 4. Automatic mine reset at a certain percentage of blocks in the mine or reset...
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    Looking For a Plugin Crew or someone to help me out.

    HELLO! My name is jbreadtoasted I am currently wondering how I would go about making a plugin similar to grief prevention but made using the nukkitx API. If anyone is willing to help me it would be very much appreciated and I would love to find out how I can help support the plugin community by...