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    1.16 issues

    I'm having issues after installing nukkitx server 1.16 latest build. I always spawn under the world no matter what seed I use, and I can't change any parameters in my players settings like going to creative, setting cheats, etc.. everything is greyed out. Is this normal? Or does anyone else have...
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    Nukkit for Bedrock Edition 1.7

    I found a workaround for now in case anyone else has this issue. Just uninstall Minecraft and find the last minecraftpe 1.7.??? And install that, because Minecraftpe is actually up to so until nukkitx 2.0 comes out I guess we have to downgrade and make sure the Android play store is set...
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    Nukkit for Bedrock Edition 1.7

    Any timeline for a update to 1.8? MinecraftPE just updated to 1.8.0 and now I only get outdated server messages trying to connect to my server....I literally just got nukkitx setup on my raspberry pi, got everything configured, and got logged into my server last night (12-10-18). Tried it today...