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  1. revpixel

    NukkitX joins CubeCraft Games

    When the move completes....will you finally stop with the Cloudfare crap? Seriously getting tired of proving I'm not a robot every time I open the web site. :)
  2. revpixel

    Autostart script for Ubuntu Nukket server

    stuff [string] Stuff a string in the input buffer of a window. Literally a parameter of the SCREEN term program. To ensure I'm not sending this to the Command Console but the actual Minecraft console.
  3. revpixel


    Loading class `com.mysql.jdbc.Driver'. This is deprecated. The new driver class is `com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver Seems this may need an update...still connects but may not for much longer with newer version of openJDK
  4. revpixel


    Great plugin tho I do wish it supported SSL for MySQL - the Wiki only says just disable SSL Logins? Really?
  5. revpixel

    Autostart script for Ubuntu Nukket server

    The ^M sends the ENTER KEY (so it types reload [ENTER] into the actual it's like going into screen and typing that command. And & or && both work in this script (which is why I added the sleep command back to the ^M (when you use the stuff option it doesn't send commands to the CMD...
  6. revpixel

    Autostart script for Ubuntu Nukket server

    To go a little farther I use a few things (SCREEN for example to leave the server headless but can attach to when needed. I also use SYSTEM.D Services as mentioned above...My change is that I additionally have the service options to reload (which sends the reload command to the server console)...
  7. revpixel

    Nukkit For Bedrock Edition 1.14.0

    Download the JAR from the newest Jenkins fine.