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  1. SupremeMortal

    Geyser MC

    GeyserMC adds support for Bedrock Edition to Java Edition servers. It would be pointless to make it compatible with Nukkit.
  2. SupremeMortal

    server doesn't start with my plugins

    It's all dependent on how you're hosting your server. If you're on a shared host, you'll probably have to figure out how to compile the plugin with an older version of Java.
  3. SupremeMortal

    Server Error, Fix?

    It would appear that your player data has been corrupted. Did you delete any files in your players/ directory in the server?
  4. SupremeMortal

    Component Item & block behaviours are now implemented in Cloudburst! This will allow plugin...

    Component Item & block behaviours are now implemented in Cloudburst! This will allow plugin developers to modify specific components of existing blocks or items from the API. Before, this was impossible due to behaviours being one massive interface. Check out the draft PR...
  5. SupremeMortal

    Error when connecting from minecraft to nukkit server

    Please create a new thread instead of necro posting on a 3-year-old one. Locked
  6. SupremeMortal

    Nukkit for Bedrock 1.17.40

    As of Build #902 on Jenkins, Nukkit now supports Bedrock Edition 1.17.40 (protocol version 471). As a reminder, Nukkit updates only include protocol updates to allow new clients to connect, no new blocks or features are supported. Should you find any bugs not related to unimplemented content...
  7. SupremeMortal

    Nukkit For Bedrock Edition 1.16.0

    Nukkit for Bedrock 1.16.0 can now be found on our Jenkins CI starting from build #714. Update: Support for the latest minor release (1.16.220) has been added We've had support out for over 2 weeks now although I completely forgot to post this announcement. 😅 This is only protocol support...
  8. SupremeMortal

    We are now Cloudburst!

    Hey everyone, It's been a long time coming but we're finally renaming this organisation! We wanted to do this as there's been a lot of confusion about the difference between - Nukkit: the original project and repo - NukkitX: this organisation - NukkitX's fork of Nukkit, Nukkit 1.0: the...
  9. SupremeMortal

    Treatment Plugin

    Could you please explain this in your plugin description? I've had reports because people don't understand how it works.
  10. SupremeMortal

    Nukkit 2.0 Alpha

    Nukkit 2.0 currently does not support OpenJ9 VMs. Please use GitHub to report issues.
  11. SupremeMortal

    NukkitX joins CubeCraft Games

    Today I'm pleased to announce that NukkitX is now part of CubeCraft Games! This isn't going to change anything immediately. The day to day management of this project still remains with myself and the other core contributors, source code in the repositories remains under license and copyright of...
  12. PetteriM1

    EssentialsNK - 1.9.2

    Fix home level bug Add Russian language
  13. SupremeMortal


    SupremeMortal updated EssentialsNK with a new update entry: 1.9.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. SupremeMortal

    Cannot connect to Nukkit server on iphone mcpe

    I think you may be running an old build of Nukkit. Try updating to the latest version.
  15. SupremeMortal


    SupremeMortal submitted a new resource: AdvancedBan - Advanced punishment tool for Nukkit Read more about this resource...
  16. SupremeMortal

    AdvancedBan 2.2.0

    AdvancedBan is an All-In-One Punishment-System with warns, tempwarns, mutes, tempmutes, bans, tempbans, ipbans, tempipbans and kicks. There is also a PlayerHistory so you can see the players past punishments and the plugin has configurable Time & Message-Layouts which automatically calculate and...
  17. SupremeMortal


    SupremeMortal updated EssentialsNK with a new update entry: Fix mute command Read the rest of this update entry...
  18. PetteriM1

    EssentialsNK - Fix mute command

    Fix ClassCastException when reading mute config.
  19. SupremeMortal

    Premium Test

    SupremeMortal submitted a new resource: Premium Test - test Read more about this resource...
  20. SupremeMortal

    Set Eye Height?

    No, it's not currently possible as the value is hardcoded client side.