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  1. ScraM-Team

    logged out due to Outdated Server!

    The 1.16.100 branch build is working for us, thank you!
  2. ScraM-Team

    Nukkit For Bedrock Edition 1.16.0

    This is awesome! Thank you Cloudburst team!
  3. ScraM-Team

    1.16 Upgrade

    Thanks, I have tried it out and I can definitely connect from 1.16 clients. It's very cool. Having used it now a little while I've seen just a couple of issues: * Items can't be taken from chests * Chat messages have some visual glitch, underlines under certain characters I haven't tried any...
  4. ScraM-Team

    We are now Cloudburst!

    It worked! I tried the latest jar from the 1.16 branch CI build and I'm able to connect from a 1.16 client. I didn't try any new 1.16 features, and I already see a minor visual glitch in the chat rendering. The fundamentals work fine, however. The usual disclaimers apply: This is an...
  5. ScraM-Team

    We are now Cloudburst!

    No, I don't think the support is finalized. Although I'm not involved, I do see a 1.16 branch. If you are willing to work with unreleased code you could try it, but back up your worlds carefully first: I will try it soon.
  6. ScraM-Team

    We are now Cloudburst!

    Congratulations! I'm very excited to see the future of Cloudburst Server. If possible, please keep Cloudburst Nukkit functioning and updated until Cloudburst Server is production ready. It is especially important that updated clients be able to log in. At least for ScraM we don't need any...
  7. ScraM-Team

    1.16 Upgrade

    Is there a tool like ViaVersion lets new clients connect to old Nukkit servers? That has been extremely helpful for ScraM on the Java Edition side of things.
  8. ScraM-Team

    Nukkit for Bedrock Edition 1.8

    I just tried the latest build and it works well for me logging in with MCPE 1.8.0. Thanks!
  9. ScraM-Team

    How to create a basic plugin [Part 1]

    Cilived, thanks for this great tutorial on coloring text in Nukkit! We will add support for this to ScraM soon. Then plugins will be able to generate colored text in chat. When it's ready we will publish the ScraM API.
  10. ScraM-Team

    Has anyone tried Chunky with a Nukkit map?

    Chunky is a nifty rendering tool for Minecraft worlds: Unfortunately, it seems to not work completely with Nukkit worlds. The chunks are visible in the chunk viewer, but the render view never shows anything, only blue sky in every direction. If anyone tries it...
  11. ScraM-Team

    ScraM -- Drag-and-Drop Minecraft Coding

    If you or someone you know wants to learn coding in Minecraft, there is no easier way than ScraM. Log in to the server: Then download the designer ( and start coding! It is easy to drag-and-drop professional mods and minigames...
  12. ScraM-Team

    Nukkit Development

    I too am very excited to see Nukkit under active development again. Thanks and congratulations to the NukkitX team!