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  1. Kazuk

    Outdated server

    Your server only supports 1.17.40, there is a new Minecraft update 1.18 which you can download the newest build of Cloudburst Nukkit here which supports this version.
  2. Kazuk

    Why do the Java Docs look like this?

    Try using this link here. I’m assuming you used the link to the javadocs provided in the wiki, that link is outdated but I’ve just updated it which should work also.
  3. Kazuk

    theme is closed
  4. Kazuk

    [Deleted] ClearChat

    I just did, read above (that is the GitHub source code) You can download here
  5. Kazuk

    [Deleted] ClearChat

    I have two versions of my plugin and that one I linked to you earlier in this discussion works for NukkitX 1.0
  6. Kazuk

    [Deleted] ClearChat

    Can I ask why this is near enough a replica of my plugin?
  7. Kazuk

    Nukkit 2.0 Alpha

    You can download it from Jenkins.
  8. Kazuk

    NukkitX 2.0 Plugin Development Error

    I don't understand how to fix it and didn't want to bother him.
  9. Kazuk

    NukkitX 2.0 Plugin Development Error

    I'm creating a plugin using NukkitX API 2.0 where if you hit a player with a bow it will display in chat from a config file that %name% is now at %health% I'm getting this error Operator '==' cannot be applied to 'cn.nukkit.utils.Identifier', 'int' public void onDamageByBow(EntityDamageEvent...
  10. Kazuk


    Ah ok thanks.
  11. Kazuk


    The arrows float in the air after the explosion happens
  12. Kazuk


    Would it be possible to add a like some sort of role sync, where if the player has a rank in the game they will have the role added in discord?
  13. Kazuk


    Can MongoDB be used?
  14. Kazuk


    Get this error when I install LobbyNK v3.1.2 for NukkitX 2.0 and start the server: