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  1. Sleepybear


    Are you getting any errors in the server log? Might want to check client log files if you have access to them.
  2. Sleepybear

    The workflow for implementing resource_packs and behavior_packs

    Nukkit does not support behavior packs. You would need to make a plugin to implement the behavior you want.
  3. Sleepybear

    Missing furnace and campfire

    Do you have any plugin installed? Base Nukkit should support Furnace and Campfires.
  4. Sleepybear


    This means you have something running on the same port. More than likely you accidentally ran the server twice.
  5. Sleepybear

    Windows compile script for cloudburst server.

    It should be pointed out that this compiles Cloudburst Server, not NukkitX. You should really be using the bleeding branch of Server at the moment, and even then, it shouldn't be used in a production environment. Update the git address to be
  6. Sleepybear

    nukkit be version

    Nukkit does not support beta versions.
  7. Sleepybear

    what happened

    Check your processes, the server seems to be already running.
  8. Sleepybear

    Giving Permissions

    Assuming your are using Rasbian or other flavor of unix on the Pi, you would need to change the folder permissions to allow the user the Nukkit Java process is running under to have read/write on the folder. There are many different ways to do this, but if you are running under your own user...
  9. Sleepybear

    Nukkit for MCBE 1.17.30

    As of Build #899 on Jenkins, NukkitX supports MCBE 1.17.30 with Protocol version 465. As a reminder, NukkitX updates only include protocol updates to allow new clients to connect, no new blocks or features are supported. Should you find any bugs not related to unimplemented content, please...
  10. Sleepybear


    Since this is a plugin for Nukkit and not PocketMine, you'll want to change the .phar to read .jar
  11. Sleepybear

    Nukkit (and Cloudburst) for Bedrock 1.17.1x

    We missed a few announcements, but NukkitX has been updated to support 1.17 (Build#870) and 1.17.10 (Build#874), which should also support 1.17.11 since there is no protocol update. As a reminder, NukkitX updates only include protocol updates to allow new clients to connect, no new blocks or...
  12. Sleepybear

    I can't connect to my server through a different WIFI than the one my machine is on.

    Make sure you leave the IP as, and also forward the port on the router for the network the server is on. You will need to forward the UDP port you bind to, 19132 by default
  13. Sleepybear


    Looking at your source code, this plugin will not do as you describe. It is going to provide experience any time ANY item is clicked in slot 2 in any inventory, not when a furnace item is picked up.
  14. Sleepybear


    Is this specifically written for PowerNukkit? We do not support powernukkit or plugins for powernukkit here.
  15. Sleepybear

    Plugins on a MCPE server don't work

    That error means you ran the server twice. Only one server can be on a single port at a time.
  16. Sleepybear

    Plugins on a MCPE server don't work

    sudo chmod +rw But that could also be the problem for the plugins, is that the file permissions are incorrect. Please do cd plugins and then do ls -la and let us see the results.
  17. Sleepybear

    Pluging config files not being generated

    Check the server.log for errors, possible you are missing dependencies?
  18. Sleepybear

    Confused with the versions. PLEASE HELP

    Yes, after the naming change the 2.0 rewrite is "Cloudburst Server". However, it's not really ready for production use yet, as it is still being developed and is in alpha stages.
  19. Sleepybear

    Plugin Tutorial

    If you know the link to download the .jar you can use wget <URL> to download it. Otherwise you can connect via FTP to upload it.
  20. Sleepybear

    some blocks don't work

    NukkitX does not support blocks implemented after the 1.13 Aquatic update due to a level format limitation.