Email Marketing Is Big, Really Big


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Comparisons can be a way of explaining size: dinosaurs as big as two double-decker buses shows how terrifying they were, even if not red. But when things become really big, B2B Email List such as say the distance from the Earth to the Moon, suggesting it is half a million times as far as the pub is not really helpful. So just how big is email marketing in this country?
It is twice the size of the UK hotel and restaurant market and nearly as big as the financial services sector.
Google commissioned a report, B2B Email List The Connected Kingdom, into the current state of the internet in the UK. The results are, even to those of us working in the industry, quite startling. A headline grabbing one was that it contributed some £100bn, that's 7.2%, to gross domestic product in 2009 and another suggested the UK is a global leader in e-commerce.

The UK has the highest online per capita spending in the world. All the more remarkable for a nation of shopkeepers when retail outlets are just around the corner. The UK online advertising market is second only to the US. Now do you see how important your email lists are?
In many ways it is wrong to think of the internet as a B2B Email List separate industry as it has penetrated every form of business. Even the greenest blacksmith has a website. At least those who are not struggling financially have. Email marketing has what is fast becoming an essential role in sales and services. Even so, the internet as a whole is the fifth largest industry in the UK, B2B Email List remarkably just behind financial services. Bigger than lots of double-decker buses.


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The thread's a bit old but I still wanna add that absolutely, email marketing is a biggie! It's an OG in the digital marketing world and it's not going anywhere. Your stats are pretty mind-blowing, especially considering this post is a couple of years old. But let's not forget about the power of SEO in this equation. For businesses with a local audience, utilizing the best local SEO service can make a significant difference. It can complement your email marketing efforts by driving organic, high-quality traffic to your site, in turn potentially increasing your email list sign-ups. At the end of the day, it's all about using a mix of strategies to meet your marketing goals.
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