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    Could you maybe update it to actually show the players current health because it only shows how much health they had and not have current. Please and Thanks!
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    Anyway to make it execute commands when players step on it?
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    Trading Interface — Shop GUI

    Any way I can sell custom items? I have crates and I need a way to get keys to the players
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    Hey, I used this plugin before and it worked perfectly but today's update gave a problem and didn't want to enable. Could you maybe fix it? 2020-08-20 02:23:37.947 [main] INFO - §d[§eASkyBlock§d] §e§eAttempting to download library: sqlite-jdbc- 2020-08-20 02:23:38.085 [main] FATAL...
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    This is a great plugin but please add an option to turn off fall damage, it's for my kit pvp server.
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    BuildFFA 1.0 ALPHA | GERMAN

    Could you maybe make English version?
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    Could you maybe and please give me the link to download the map you used in the demo video 👀
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    Could you maybe add more pets?
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    Hey, this is a great plugin and easy to use can't wait to have my server up and play with more players! But I have one request if you can add it, could you maybe add scoreboard to the plugin? I have no experience with scoreboards and it would be easier if you could add a custom scoreboard for...
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    MobArena Minigame

    Thanks, I really want to have this on my server but I don't want the animals to kill each other
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    MobArena Minigame

    Hey, I found something that's probably not supposed to happen with your plugin, it attacks friendly mobs, I created a new world to make the lobby for the plugin but when I enter I see like creepers exploding, Skeletons attacking rabbits, spiders killing pigs, Zombies chasing horses, could you...
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    MobArena Minigame

    Not sure how good it but I'll definitely try it out!
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    [Deleted] NPCRotation

    Please add ability to select an npc and make it rotate around over and over again