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Hi! I am back again lol... I was wondering if you could add a vip mine feature? Like if someone had the rank vip with luckperms, they would be able to teleport to the vip mine!
Hi, is there a way to use this script on a server hosting platform?
Almost all of the shield features have been implemented, except protection angle. It is pretty good
Awesome Plugin.. 100% Perfect Plugin to show ping in gamertag
. i recommend for server
Ein cooles System, mit allen Plugins die man braucht :D. Nur klappt das Scoreboard nicht mit dem Plugin. Die Placeholder API ist das Problem, hab auch schon ein Github Beitrag erstellt. Wenn das verbessert wird, gebe ich die 5 Sterne gerne raus :-)
For GAC in General
thank you for Update! Best plugin for cheaters :DDDD
Grossartiges Plugin.
Vielen lieben Dank dafür!!!!
Very good plugin and very helpful to use in my server
Very good plugin
Hope to have more new functions。
By far the best implemented plugin I've ever seen on Cloudburst. Own config where everything is adjustable, it's so user-friendly and it's fun to play!
Its great but its to hard without a plan to set chat format for each rank.
Because Luckchat haves an automatic import and this is easier to use.