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Without Multipass Support, this Plugin is useless.
Too much Servers use Multipass.
Its great but the API doenst Work correctly.
For LobbyNK in General
the plugin does not work when I install it on waterdogPE, is that normal?
Its a nukkit plugin. Not a waterdog pe plugin. Please install it on your nukkit server and not the waterdog server. Btw.. Reviews are not for questions like that. Use the discussions Tab instead.
It's just what I needed right now jajaja, nice plugin :D
For HuntGame in Fun
I can't use this plugin!
its not compatible with API 1.0.13
Mal wieder ein grossartiges Update.
Spawnen denn all diese Mobs auch natürlich?
Items disappear after restart this plugin does not work
Works. very. well. with. ChestShop! And. is very. smooth- and. does. not crash!!
Is this intended for cloudburst instead of nukkits, if is the case I´ll erase this review. My servers don't load with this plugin, using java 8
server do not start using it, had to uninstall in 2 servers, using a host site with java 8, please repair it
Excellent plugin!

For the people that want to customize the messages:
Open the .jar with Winrar and edit the eng.ini. After your done editting the file, save it and update the archive and replace the old jar with the new one.
The config is blank everytime I delete it and reload the server. It also doesn't work sadly.

17:57:22 [INFO ] Enabling LightningDeath v2.0.0
17:57:22 [FATAL] [LightningDeath] Please regenerate your config file!
17:57:22 [INFO ] Disabling LightningDeath v2.0.0

(what the console says everytime I regenerate the config file)
Works perfect with op, but I can't get this working for default players, even with multipass :(