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For SimpleCrates in Fun
Der setblock command spinnt etwas aber sonst ok. Wenn dieser Fehler behoben wird gibt es 5 sterne
Amazing, very epic !! THX u save my life <3 thx thx thx
The plugin is very useful, the possibility to use commands is perfect.
Thanks for your review! :D
cool and nice idea, unfortunately you also get afk money
For LobbyNK in General
Plugin breaks down when multiworld is activated
Pls help
Then you didn't setup it the right way. It is not a plugin error. It have to be your mistake. Add me on discord so I can investigate with you
It's a great plugin but I would like to suggest per-world settings instead of needing a second server. 👀
Nice plugin and it helps me a lot!
Could you please allow me to translate your plugin and advertise it to MCBBS?
I'll NEVER claim it as mine, I just wanna translate it and let more people know it.
Hope for your reply!