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Sorry but I must change my Review.
Nothing works with this Version.
I hope you give support for older Plugins.
This Update has killed all.
a good thing to create your own custom windows in the game.
A new attempt to build a group server!Although it's not perfect, I still believe in the capabilities of CAT and hope to use the perfect Beecloud soon.
This is a great plugin, but some plugins have issues using the latest version of PlaceholderAPI and by that i mean, most plugins that are not made by Creeperface himself. Most plugins won't even update to the latest PlaceholderAPI, so, it'd be great if you could add some kind of compatibility with older nukkit plugins that used the old PlaceholderAPI please. Thank you
For LobbyNK in General
Very nice plugin but the bungee command is not working any solution for this?
It was made for the old waterdog. The api from the new waterdogPe was the same. So it should work..
Please add a description.
Nobody know what this Plugin do
Great plugin i wish this plugin could support waterdogpe:)
Great Plugin but is it possible to add players online time?
Seht Gutes Plugin man merkt hast einiges gelernt bei der Zeit wo du bei LLamaDevelopment warst. Wenn du Hilfe brauchst einfach auf Discord du weißt bescheit.
Ehrenmann haha
Sehr gutes Plugin aber was soll man auch anderes erwarten von ein ehemaligen LLamaDevelopent Trainee.
Nico hahah, danke für die Bewertung :D
Wenn ich mir so dein Profilbild ansehe, denke ich irgendwie an Toastbrot. Ich weiß auch nicht warum.