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this is a very good plugin.
but i want don't spawning mob in my lobby world.
don't working in nukkit #790
please fix this problem
good, but placeholder API doesnt work when I enable clan systems, please fix that
This is a good plugin. But creeper not explodeing and pillagers not attacking
Éinfach geil ;)

Ps bist besser als proxma ;))
xD Danke für deinen Review!
Nice idea, with an extra section in the config for setting which worlds this should be active in, I think this will become a very popular plugin for roleplay.
Thanks, I've never even thought of that idea, I will add it to the Trello board for implementation.
Sehr gutes Plugin, mann kann das Plugin so anpassen wie man es will. Das Plugin ist Empfehlenswert.
Vielen Dank für deinen Review! :)
Hello, when I click on zchat plugin it says,
Oops! We ran into some problems.
You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
Can you help?
Wads will man mehr außer privat Server system ;)

Ist nen NICES pl :D

Frage bekomme ich nen Keks D:
Danke für deinen Review! :)
Hier, da hast du einen Keks von mir.
perfect plugin but the command server for discord doesnt work with me any solutions?
Very nice addon I love discord addons like this one !
Thanks for your review! :3
niiiiice niiiiiiice , very helpful for proper documentation
Thanks for your review! :)
For GunWar in Fun
Very nice plugin, i would change nothing!
Thanks for this.
supe rplugin jan ist idujr tgut gelubngen! woesp r
xD Danke
I love this plugin.
I hope you make other games to, you're a legend!
Unfortunately, the ui does not work.
Would be nice who they could fix it
For LobbyNK in General
hey an sich ist das ein cooles plugin aber ich finde es sollte noch besser gemacht werden wenn man z.b pets hat bewegen die sich niht und werden nur komisch hinterhergezogen :/ wäre ganz coool wenn du das verbessern könntest
Es wäre nice wen man den stick nach dem tot noch hatt
For LobbyNK in General
Best Lobby plugin ever!
There isn't even a paid plugin, which is as good as this one!
The plugin is awesome, but i'd love if it used Bedrock Edition's forms and menus, otherwise its great.