Nukkit-Engineer V 3.0.0-stable

  • Fix the problem of slow loading at startup
  • Optimize the way to obtain the updated version
  • Optimized the problem of crash when startup failed
  • Fixed an issue where players were kicked out when stepping on the golden pressure plate
Change JDK version to 8
Fix the console refresh
Fix the problem that the error code is displayed at startup
V 1.0.4-stable
• Fix some bugs
There is a problem in the nukkit server. Players are sometimes born underground, and I found that in the original Minecraft, if you leave the game at a high altitude, the next time you enter the game, you will still be at high altitude. In nukkit, the player will be born on the ground. When you fall, you can avoid death by exiting and re-entering. I thought it was a mistake, so I fixed it.
V 1.0.2-stable
• Fix the problem that the glass bottle disappears after clicking the pot and kettle when fill
Hope I contribute to the Bedrock (nukkit) community, and I will try my best to help you fix some minor mistakes

V 1.0.1-stable
• Rewrite the furnace detection mechanism
• Added furnace detection in two states (burning and unburning)
• Fix the problem of unlimited experience points from the furnace

V 1.0.0-beta
• Fix the problem that the furnace does not generate experience points

If you have any questions, please leave a message online and I will definitely reply. If it helps you, please rate me too. The evaluation will be my biggest motivation😊😆

This is the first plug-in I made, please advise