PlaceholderAPI 2.2

Works fine :) But in luckperms page in this plugin folder should be extensions folder but it isnth here so im not sure how to show user rank there
Sorry but I must change my Review.
Nothing works with this Version.
I hope you give support for older Plugins.
This Update has killed all.
This is a great plugin, but some plugins have issues using the latest version of PlaceholderAPI and by that i mean, most plugins that are not made by Creeperface himself. Most plugins won't even update to the latest PlaceholderAPI, so, it'd be great if you could add some kind of compatibility with older nukkit plugins that used the old PlaceholderAPI please. Thank you
Excuse me, it's a great plugin.
hmm i like it, can i share it to Chinese Forum MCBBS? I will mark the anthor and link.
It is a mostly well done re-creation of the original clip plugin, but it is lacking in almost every way. It does not have an expansion cloud, no support for plugin developers to include their placeholders (seamless) and no way to use javascript placeholders. These are just some of the things that it is lacking.
Hi thanks for your review, but I don't understand what do you mean you can contact me on discord
it can't auto udating info, you can update it auto update new info in few second
I love this Plugin!!! But could you please add "%player_itemid_in_hand%? It would be perfect for a creativ server with WorldEdit! Thank you for the plugin!