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PrisonRankups 1.2

Doesn't currently work with the latest update. I have LammaEconomy and the required files and nothing. Will update once fixed but this plugin does sound super & looks good
please add time to the rank.yml config, make rank can rise automatically with the command when it's time, display the time playing player on player.yml, if the player time is already determined then the command will run, please respond to my request ...
The plugin is greater and it works well, but can you make this plugin support with MultiChat plugin, because it tends to appear as %prisonrank% in chat

Overall, this is a good plugin
I am giving it 5 star because the configs are so clean and it works to a point. I just cant seem to get any mine to spawn? Even after selecting the 2 points using the wand.
I havent used it yet but does it work with z chat and luckperms?
Yes you just have to use the placeholders :) thanks for the review but F in chat for 4 stars and u havent used it yet :(
Awsome, but how can we regen mines?? I mean, I cannot use rank ups if I cannot regeneration.
Thanks for review :) I am adding a mine plugin working on it now :)