1. Trollhunters501

    Tips 2.1.6

    ⚠⚠ ATTENTION ⚠⚠ This plugin IS NOT MINE if it is yours you can claim it by sending me a message! This plugin was taken from Github for the purpose of making it known! Credits to lt-name, SmallasWater 若水 Plugins necessary:
  2. W

    Boss Bar v1.1.1

    BossBar is a plugin that can be used to apply boss bars on players! By default, these commands are only usable by players with op. - /setbossbar <player> <text> - Sets the boss bar of a player to the text given. - /removebossbar <player> - Removes a set boss bar from a player.
  3. S

    RollBossBar 1.1.0

    I have the perms from the owner to upload it,look here: and I just wanted to help everyone who's searching that type of plugin or any type of plugins. Simple plugin to create dummy boss bar for your server. Please see mcbbs for more...
  4. C1oky

    Welcome 2.1

    BossBar and Title for welcome a player when join your server! You can edit the name in the config. Screenshot: Configuration file: ## Available placeholders: # %player_name% - get the player's name # %player_displayname% - get the player's display name # %player_ping% - get the...
  5. PetteriM1

    BossBarText 1.5

    Simple boss bar text plugin for Nukkit Want to support the development of this plugin? Donate via PayPal