1. sommerKaktus05

    Near-Command 1.0.0

    Mit diesem Plugin kannst du dir ganz einfach und schnell alle Spieler im Umkreis von 30 Blöcken anzeigen lassen, sowie deren Entfernung zu dir. Wenn man die Rechte command.near hat, kann man den Command /near ausführen, wodurch man sich die Spieler im Umkreis von 30 Blöcken anzeigen lassen...
  2. sommerKaktus05

    SPY-Command 1.0.0

    Dies ist ein kleines Plugin mit dem man sehen kann, wenn ein Spieler einen Command ausführt. Das Plugin ist derzeit nur auf Deutsch verfügbar, was ich jedoch in Zukunft mit einer Konfigurationsdatei ändern möchte. Dieses Feature ist jedoch noch erst in Planung. Wenn man die Rechte command.spy...
  3. Qcbj

    Nukkit Development Beginner.... Help is Appreciated

    Hello there. I am new to the language of Java. I have watched a few videos and have taken a few courses on the subject, and I also have past experience with other programming languages such as JavaScript and PHP. I have used PocketMine-MP before, but of course, Nukkit is most likely a whole new...
  4. P

    Jail pluggin?

    Is there a pluggin that is some kind of jail? Don't ban it, but keep it on the server but can't move or use commands
  5. J

    How to set showCoordinates and Simulation distance?

    Even if I'm an operator, it doesn't let me change these settings in game via the "Game" menu, and I can't find a configuration file that lets you set these. I know you can set showCoordinates with the command /gamerule showCoordinates true, but I don't believe this is permanent.
  6. PetteriM1

    Freeze 1.0

    Nukkit 2.0 version can be found from here: This plugin contains /freeze and /unfreeze commands which can be used to freeze and unfreeze players. Frozen players cannot move, take or deal damage, place blocks or break blocks...
  7. LlamaDevelopment

    Discontinued EasySpawns 1.0.1

    EasySpawns EasySpawns is a plugin that allows easily managing spawnpoints. Features: Always spawn at hub position. (Can be disabled in config.yml). Custom Spawnpoints (Not only /hub or /lobby). Set hub and lobby. Go to worldspawn. All messages are editable in the messages.yml. Custom Spawns...
  8. ZeroK

    ZCommandTracker 1.0.0

    NO COMMAND Download it to your plugin folder and enjoy it!
  9. depascaldc

    Simple Command-Signs 1.0.0

    Simple CommandSigns for your server. As OP you can create them by adding [CMD] at the first line. Type the command in the second line. After that TAP the sign and DONE. The sign listen for hits as Player Links: - Better-Minecraft/Discord-ChatSync - LuckyBlocksNukkit -...
  10. T

    CmdAs 1.0

    CmdAs is a plugin similar to /sudo I made this plugin for myself originally because it can be useful for trolling or even supporting guests. Usage: /cmdas <player> <cmd without slash> Permissions:
  11. PetteriM1

    SimplePing 1.0

    Nukkit 2.0 version can be found from here: This plugin includes: /ping - Show your ping (ping.see, default: anyone) /toggleping - Show your ping in hud (ping.toggle, default: anyone) /getping <player> - See other players ping...
  12. SuprexDE

    SupportBE (English & Deutsch) 1.2

    SUPPORTBE (English & Deutsch) 1.2 English: The plugin is a support system plugin. This allows players to write privately with a team member. It is a easy Plugin. Commands: /support [Message] - Send a help message to a Staff-Member /stafflist - List all online team members /sa [Player]...
  13. PetteriM1

    SynapseTools 1.0.3

    This plugin contains useful features for servers that uses Nemisys and Synapse API. Current features (1.0.3): - Transfer command - Hub command - Disconnection messages hiding - Fix food bar - Hide effects of old server on transfer Check config.yml to enable/disable and configure features...
  14. K

    MCMenu 1.1.0

    Dependencies PlaceholderAPI Functions several ways to get menu item support global params(PlaceholderAPI) can config menu-operating sounds can config multiple menus tree structure menu, can nest any levels of sub menus can config menu display format develop api support Commands tip...
  15. Samyocord

    Multiple Commands dont work

    Hello, so I started getting into Nukkit-Plugin-Development. Now I've tried to add more commands than one in multiple classes. Here is the commands-section of my plugin.yml: commands: random: description: Wähle einen zufälligen Spieler addwarp: description: Fuege einen Warp hinzu...
  16. PetteriM1

    CommandBlackList 1.0.1

    Nukkit 2.0 version can be found from here: With this simple plugin you can block non op players to run certain commands You can add blocked commands to list in config.yml You can also edit the message of blocked command The...
  17. PetteriM1

    Report 1.3.0

    Report This simple plugin adds /report and /reports commands to your Nukkit server. Staff with report.see permission can see the reports real time or using the /reports command. All reports are saved. New in version 1.3.0: You can now get reports to your Discord console channel using...
  18. bobycraft

    How I can create a Command in a other class

    Hey, I would like to create a Command in a new Class (not in the Main Class). But yet i dont know must the Command class execute any other class from the nukkitx api? I hope anywon help ;D
  19. PetteriM1

    TransferCommand 1.0

    Nukkit 2.0 version can be found from here: This plugin adds /transfer command to your Nukkit server Usage with default port (19132): /transfer <address> Usage with custom port: /transfer <address> <port> If you give player...
  20. PetteriM1

    SimpleAFK 1.2

    Nukkit 2.0 version can be found from here: Simple plugin that adds /afk command to Nukkit servers Want to support the development of this plugin? Donate via PayPal