1. PetteriM1

    HiddenCommands 1.0

    Add commands you want to hide from command suggestions to a list in the config file. Additionally you can set whether operators should still see those commands. Notice that this plugin is only made to not suggest the commands, not to prevent players from using them. Want to support the...
  2. NoName

    Experimental CustomCommands 1.0.8

    With this plugin you can play developer and create your own command in the config(So far only a customcommand)
  3. PetteriM1

    PaidCommands 1.0

    EconomyAPI is required. PaidCommands With this plugin you can sell commands using in game money. You can sell permissions set with a permission manager plugin, items with /give or anything else that is given to player using a command. Instructions for adding commands can be found from the...
  4. J

    How to set showCoordinates and Simulation distance?

    Even if I'm an operator, it doesn't let me change these settings in game via the "Game" menu, and I can't find a configuration file that lets you set these. I know you can set showCoordinates with the command /gamerule showCoordinates true, but I don't believe this is permanent.
  5. Jan

    Nemisys commands

    Hi, is it possible to execute Nemisy's commands ingame? I have not found a way for players to execute Nemisys commands yet.
  6. SuprexDE

    Discontinued BetterCommands | GERMAN/DEUTSCH 1.0

    BETTERCOMMANDS Mit diesen Plugin könnt ihr fliegen, euch heilen und mehr! Das Plugin ist ideal für Handy-Spieler geeignet weil die Commands sehr kurz sind. /cc - Funktion: Lösche den Chat - Permission: /heal - Funktion: Heile dich - Permission: bc.heal /me - Funktion: Der Befehl /me...