1. Verox007

    MinigameSignsAPI for NukkitX 1.0.0

    MinigameSigns for NukkitX Important: This plugin is an API, so you will likely have to include this plugin in YOUR Plugin dependencies. Create Sign: SignsAPI.createMinigameSign( yourPluginInstance, locationOfSign, "nameOfMinigame", "command to execute, when clicked"...
  2. sewek333

    Plugin Developer

    Hi Looking for a developer who will write a plugin on changing the pack of behavior pig. It must work with mobplugin. Just write me how I can contact you better And I'll give you more information.
  3. augesrob

    Important Update For Developers and Domain Change

    Changes to Domain and Important Update For Developers New Website Please note that your old login from will remain working. No need to make a new account. Jenkins Server Domain Has Also Been Updated