1. D

    EnchantAPI 1.0.0

    A super simple to use Api for Enchantments example you wanna get Sharpness but you dont know the nukkit code (it is DAMAGE_ALL) just use: EnchantAPI.getEnchant(Enchant.SHARPNESS) and thats it it will return The Nukkit Enchantment simple isn't it? There is also a Method called...
  2. Denic

    How to create a basic plugin [part 4]

    INTRODUCTION In this tutorial we will be extending the 3 previous tutorials. This tutorial will be mainly focused on applying the knowledge you've learned thus far to make a functional AND useful plugin. We will be recreating my Hud Plugin in this tutorial.The Javadocs will be referred to a lot...
  3. LlamaDevelopment

    AreaProtection 2.0.4

    AreaProtection ? A simple protection plugin to protect your server against griefing. This plugin is not made for selling plots/areas. It's only made for the server admins to protect areas. Commands ? Command Description /ap pos1 Set the 1st position /ap pos2 Set the 2nd position /ap...
  4. Denic

    CooldownAPI 1.1

    With Cooldown API you can easily create cooldowns and timers! Creating a cooldown is as simple as this: //First argument is the cooldown identifier //Second argument is the time in seconds CooldownAPI.addCooldown("civiled.warp.pvp", 100); You can also remove cooldowns like so: //The first...
  5. charliea21

    Nukkit Installer 1.0

    Tired of going all the way to the Jenkins build every time you want to download/update Nukkit? Well Nukkit Installer is just the app for you! Download the Jar and run it! Simple! Nukkit will be installed where the installer is! Try it now!
  6. Denic

    How to create a basic plugin [Part 2]

    INTRODUCTION Hello, in this thread we will be extending what we learned in the last one. If you haven't read that one there will be a link here. In today's thread I will be explaining the basics of the events. If you dont know already, you will have to learn how to navigate through the Javadocs...