1. LlamaDevelopment


    LlamaEconomy A new modern Economy System focused to be simple and have a great performance. Features: Everything is async! So you need don't worry about performance issues! Many add-ons directly from us! Easy to set up! MySql & MongoDB Support! You can easily switch from EconomyAPI to...
  2. LlamaDevelopment

    AreaProtection 2.0.4

    AreaProtection ? A simple protection plugin to protect your server against griefing. This plugin is not made for selling plots/areas. It's only made for the server admins to protect areas. Commands ? Command Description /ap pos1 Set the 1st position /ap pos2 Set the 2nd position /ap...
  3. PetteriM1

    FastRespawn 1.0.5

    Make players respawn immediately without death screen. You can select in config what to reset/drop. Want to support the development of this plugin? Donate via PayPal