1. nixybuilder

    Welcome chat JS 1.0

    Put this JavaScript file to JSEngineNK folder. This script was tested on JSEngineNK 1.9.0 and works on latest version. You can find JSEngineNK here This script welcomes player in the chat when they join to the server. Only player that joins the server can see the message. NOTE: i do not own...
  2. Trollhunters501

    Experimental JSEngineNK 1.13.5

    JSEngineNK Nukkit plugin, enable to load javascript! very simple create systems!! With the Power of the Nashorn Engine! Nukkit plugin - Allows you to load Javascript modules! Runs ES6 version (Some things are with polyfills, especially classes, see how they are created) In addition to the fact...
  3. Trollhunters501

    Experimental ModLoader Tools 1.3.2

    ⚠This is not mine but modify the code to work with ModLoader! Except Fetch API⚠ Requirements: How to install: Put the ZIP file in the ModLoader folder then unzip the file and start the server and Voila! (Remember to delete the ZIP file) How to...