1. Alissom021_MC

    Potions cannot be brewed.

    Hello! Recently I'm having difficulty making a fire resistance potion, however, even though everything is correct, it makes a throwable potion that for some reason doesn't give me the effect. It is not a potion that you can drink. I don't know why this is happening, I use the LevelDB branch of...
  2. SupremeMortal

    Nukkit 2.0 Alpha

    Nukkit 2.0 is now in alpha with support for blocks above ID 255 (old chunk format limitation), LevelDB support, faster chunk loading and a variety of other features that listed are below. This build is NOT intended to be used in production environments as there are still major bugs that could...
  3. SupremeMortal

    Experimental LevelDB Viewer 1.0.0

    A Java program that allows you to view and edit key-value entries in a LevelDB database which is used in the Minecraft Bedrock world format. How to run: Install Java 8 or above. Double click on the jar file and the GUI should pop up.