1. YazdanPlug

    AdvancedAuth 1.0

    A SimpleAuth plugin for Nukkit im not created this plugin [created by CreeperFace] but creeper face is not saved this plugin in this site [saved on nukkit.ru ] for register in server : /register <password> <confirm-password> for login in server : /login <password> for change password ...
  2. PetteriM1

    GuestAccounts 1.0

    NOTICE: You need to disable xbox-auth from server.properties With this plugin you can safely allow players without Xbox account to play on your server. Guests will get guest username, example "Guest_739204". The plugin will cache usernames so the players can use same accounts. You can edit...
  3. DarkHellGurad

    TopLogin 1.0

    A simple login for Nukkit Support Mysql And Yaml Custom your language File Usage: put "TopLogin.jar" in plugins dir then run server. shutdown server then setting plugins\TopLogin\config.yml file. Commands: /login [passwd] : Login in server /passwd [new passwd] : Change player passwd /setpasswd...