1. B

    Discontinued ChatGame 1.0.1

    NOTE: sorry for my english :с Permissions: cgame: description: "Send new game in chat" default: op equal: description: "Send correct response the game in chat" default: true Example commands: /cgame 123 + 456 1 - send game in chat through 1 minutes /equal - open the form...
  2. TheEvPatch

    error when starting

    When I try to start my server the console says this: (i hid my ip address) 10:51:07 [INFO ] Loading nukkit.yml ... Exception in thread "Thread-1" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at cn.nukkit.console.NukkitConsole.runCommand( at...
  3. T

    Protect World 0.1

    # Commands! - /pw help - /pw add <level_name> - /pw remove <level_name> - /pw <1/place> <level_name> - /pw <2/break> <level_name> - /pw <3/pvp> <level_name> - /pw <4/damage> <level_name> - /pw <5/flint> <level_name> ### config.json ```sh { "worlds": { "world": {...
  4. R

    ActionAlerts 1.0

    --|---------->ActionAlerts<----------|-- You can get from this plugin, Fully customized, Death, Quit, Join, Fall, And more messages!, Like that plugin in POCKETMINE!, --|---------->WHAT THIS PLUGIN CAN DO?<----------|-- Plugin can give you a ch ance to change all of these messages!, 1 - Kill by...