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    is possible put plugin into source code of software

    is possible put plugin into source code of software without add plugin into plugins folder example add AntiCheat to source code without add to plugin folder
  2. sewek333

    Plugin Developer

    Hi Looking for a developer who will write a plugin on changing the pack of behavior pig. It must work with mobplugin. Just write me how I can contact you better And I'll give you more information.
  3. skilo

    Developer Problems :(

    Hello, I’m skil, and I need a developer for my server. I have been spending most my year trying to find a good developer. Most of the developers i messaged for help were the biggest pain in the but i ever Dealed with. Always offline, Never get back to you, And some make up stories to get out of...
  4. skilo

    Looking for a experienced developer for my nukkit server

    Hello, I’m SkilasticYT. And i am a server owner. I created a bedwars server in the past and I want to convert my bedwars plugin from pocketmine to nukkit. However, I run into the problem of finding the right developer for the job based on other stuff. I also have other things that i need for my...
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  6. skilo

    How can i add a plugin for nukkit (example fourm)

  7. skilo

    Closed thread

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    Someone please delete this fourm please.