nukkit plugins

  1. S

    ServerSetting plugin

    plugin : what is all possible config and is possible to only custom setting tab see able for some people in a list or run command with button in tab ?
  2. FakeRacer

    Plugins don't work Nukkit Mcpe

    I have a problem that no plugins are recognized on the server. InvSee and others are not displayed
  3. Bestniklass

    Experimental Fly Plugin (German) 1.0

    Hey, Du suchst ein gutes Fly Plugin? Ich habe mir die Zeit genommen um eins zu Programmieren. Ich hoffe euch gefällt das Plugin und würde mich über eine Positive Bewertung freuen. Befehle & Berechtigungen: /fly -> /fliegen ->
  4. Plotzes

    Pandemic Career Opportunity

    Hey there Nukkit developers! My name is Mike and I'm one of the 3 owners for Pandemic, Community Manager, and Head of Marketing. If you've ever been interested in putting your coding skills to work for pay now is your chance. Pandemic is currently looking for passionate developers who are...
  5. skilo

    Developer Problems :(

    Hello, I’m skil, and I need a developer for my server. I have been spending most my year trying to find a good developer. Most of the developers i messaged for help were the biggest pain in the but i ever Dealed with. Always offline, Never get back to you, And some make up stories to get out of...
  6. skilo

    Closed thread