1. LlamaDevelopment

    LlamaPets 1.0.0

    LlamaPets [BETA] A fully working Pet Plugin with about 50 Pets! Features: About 50 available Pets Edit name and color of your Pet Buy Pets with LlamaEconomy MongoDB support MySql support Yaml support MySql support Yaml support Developer API Eeverything is editable How to install? Download...
  2. LlamaDevelopment

    LlamaButcher 1.0.4

    LlamaButcher An advanced Clearlag plugin. Features: Different types of announcements Clearing entities and items LlamaPets, PlaceholderAPI, Holograms and Slapper support Does not clear paintings, end crystals, minecarts, boats and entities from supported plugins Everything is editable...
  3. PetteriM1

    Pets 1.6.2

    With this plugin you can give players mobs as pets. You can feed pets to get xp, put them sit or let them to follow you and feint mobs - they don't take any damage! Commands: /pet add <player> <pet> - Add a pet for a player /pet remove <player> - Remove player's pet /pet list - List available...