1. LlamaDevelopment

    AdvancedPerks 1.1.0

    AdvancedPerks A plugin that gives players exclusive perks. Features: Night vision perk Water breathing perk Jump boost perk Speed perk No hunger perk No fall damage perk No fire damage perk Keep inventory perk Keep experience perk Fast block break perk Strength perk Regeneration perk DoubleXP...
  2. L

    How can I shoot a arrow

    Hello, Can someone help me, I want to create a Plugin which shoots arrows on right click, like in Spigot player.launchProjectile? I have it, it was in the ItemBow class
  3. O

    Get instance of all players

    How do I get the instance of all players on the server? I can't seem to find a way to do it. EDIT: So for example I want to be able to put EVERYONE on the server in fly mode or something like that.
  4. Extollite

    Experimental MaxHealth 1.2.0

    Setting Player's max health and current health. Automaticlly saved to file on logout. Optional different health in every world, for more info check Config Section. Config: Permissions: Commands: If "multiLevelHealth" is false: If "multiLevelHealth" is true: For troubleshooting PM at...
  5. T

    CmdAs 1.0

    CmdAs is a plugin similar to /sudo I made this plugin for myself originally because it can be useful for trolling or even supporting guests. Usage: /cmdas <player> <cmd without slash> Permissions:
  6. PetteriM1

    NearestPlayer 1.0

    Nukkit 2.0 version can be found from here: Nearest player: ExamplePlayer74328 (203 blocks away) By default this plugin adds /nearestplayer (alias /nplayer) command and makes compass item run that too. You can edit or disable...
  7. PetteriM1

    DynamicPlayerCount 1.0

    Nukkit 2.0 version can be found from here: This simple plugin makes the max player count in query show current player count plus one. There is also an option to make the player count be infinite. Want to support the...
  8. I_Cant_Code

    Adding a potion effect to a player

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for creating this effect on a player. I have watched the tutorials online mainly Bukkit, but some of the ways that they do it seem to be different from how its done on NukkitX. I have read the docs and tried a few different ways but still i'm unable to...
  9. PetteriM1

    Scale 2.1

    With this plugin you can change your size in game using /scale. There is also a config for max and min scale. Don't set max or min scale too big or it may crash the server and/or the game. Anticheats may not like this plugin. Want to support the development of this plugin? Donate via PayPal
  10. PetteriM1


    With this plugin you can add fake players to query and in game player list Usage: /fake <add|remove> <name> You can use colors in player name NOTE: Adding more fake players than free slots may make clients not let players join to the server. NOTE 2: It's not my fault if your server gets...