1. MrReskill

    ClaimChunk 1.0

    THIS PLUGIN NEED MYSQL DATABASE. Needs help with the plugin ? The plugin supports EconomyAPI Commands: /chunk help /chunk claim /chunk unclaim /chunk unclaimall /chunk addplayer /chunk removeplayer (Admin only) /chunk adminunclaim (Admin only) /chunk adminunclaimall
  2. LlamaDevelopment

    AreaProtection 2.0.4

    AreaProtection ? A simple protection plugin to protect your server against griefing. This plugin is not made for selling plots/areas. It's only made for the server admins to protect areas. Commands ? Command Description /ap pos1 Set the 1st position /ap pos2 Set the 2nd position /ap...
  3. PetteriM1

    Discontinued BlockProtect 1.1

    Original author: BlockProtect Protect yourself from griefers by placing a protection block! Features Easy to use for players Customizable protection block ID Customizable protection radius Ability to set maxium number of protections Usage Place a protection...