1. LlamaDevelopment

    ReportSystem Discord-Addon 1.0.0

    ReportSystem DiscordAnnounce-Addon An Discord Announce addon for ReportSystem. Features: Get notifications from ReportSystem in your discord server Everything is editable Installation: Download the .jar file. Paste the file into your plugin folder. You have to install ReportSystem. Start...
  2. LlamaDevelopment

    ReportSystem 2.2.0

    ReportSystem Many new features and code improvements! Support for Nukkit 2.0 is available soon! Features: Process each report in an UI Search the reports of a player Search certain reports Every player can see his reports MongoDB support MySql support YAML support Everything is editable API...
  3. yequid

    yReports 1.0

    Flexible reporting system for your server. Of the benefits I can note: - You can not write reports on yourself - If the player is not on the server, the report will not be sent. - In order for the administrator to receive reports, you must give him the right: "yReports.get"
  4. SuprexDE

    Reportsystem - German/Deutsch 1.0

    REPORTSYSTEM 1.0 (German-Version) Die Befehle: /report [Spieler] [Grund] - Melde einen Spieler /spec - Setze dich in dem Specator Modus! Welche Funktionen hat es extra? Spectator Funktion: Teammitgliedern können mit dem /spec Command sich in dem Spectator Modus versetzten. Permissions...
  5. PetteriM1

    Report 1.3.0

    Report This simple plugin adds /report and /reports commands to your Nukkit server. Staff with report.see permission can see the reports real time or using the /reports command. All reports are saved. New in version 1.3.0: You can now get reports to your Discord console channel using...