1. BlockMagicDev

    UnlimitedSlot 1.0

    Getting started ✨ A plugin for Nukkit gives the server unlimited slots Features - Gives the server unlimited slots - Easy to use
  2. BlockMagicDev

    BetterBroadcaster 1.0

    ✨ Broadcasting System plugin for Nukkit Supported Nukkit API 1.0.0 Documentation Configuration (config.yml): broadcaster-interval: 40 # Seconds prefix: "[ Broadcaster ]" messages: - "Message 1" - "Message 2" - "Message 3"
  3. QAZIexe

    Nukkitx Server keeps defaulting to Survival mode

    Any tips on how to keep my server from being in survival mode? the console says it's booting up creative but the game is actually in survival. also when you destroy a block it just re appears again instantly. I've re-installed it 3 times now and still having these issues. any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. LlamaDevelopment

    ServerMaintenance 1.0.0

    ServerMaintenance Set your server in maintenance mode during system works Features: Enable/Disable maintenance mode Maintenance countdown Everything is editable Installation: Download the .jar file. Paste the file into your plugin folder. Start your server. And have fun using...
  5. H

    I can't connect to server helpppppp!!!!!

    I make a server with Nukkit.It's working but I can't Connect to server plsssssssss helpppppp me please!!! And I Write my computer Ip in and i port forward it but it Doesn't work I can't connect to server pls help me pppplllllssss!!!!

    Instalación de un servidor de Nukkit (Windows)

    Nukkit Server ¡Hola! ¿Te has preguntado/intentado cómo crear un servidor de Nukkit? Resulta que es más fácil de lo que crees. Solo sigue los siguientes pasos y crea tu servidor en cuestión de minutos. (Importante: Este método es solo para Windows) (Otros métodos: Original) Requisitos...
  7. iAtomPlaza

    Nukkit 2.0 question?

    Will it be worth it to start building a server on nukkit 2.0 and that it may be ready to use in production by the time 2.0 is ready? Or is Nukkit 2.0 so far off that I should just stay clear of it atm?
  8. E

    Error when starting: Throwing

    I am new to using this and am not the most experienced person. I have an error when trying to start my server with Nukkit. This is everything my control console gives me and I am trying to make a little more sense of the problem. 14.04 04:58:06 [Multicraft] Loading server properties 14.04...
  9. PocketMiner82


    This Server has been closed.
  10. BennyTheG

    InkCraft - Network

    We Are The InkCraft Network! - We Currently House A Nice Community Of Over 200 Players! - We Run A Safe Survival Server Along With An Anarchy Realm - We Allow Players To Participate In Fun Events To Win Prizes - We Have Awesome Paid Anti-Cheat On Our Server - Level 1 Discord Server Boost - We...
  11. Abled Gaming564

    I want to know plugins that every server should have. And do PocketMine plugins work with Nukkit?

    I have created a Nukkit server and now I am looking for plugins so, can you tell me plugins that you think every server should have? And I also want to know that does PocketMine plugins work with Nukkit Servers?
  12. Bagel

    New survival server!

  13. T

    Protect World 0.1

    # Commands! - /pw help - /pw add <level_name> - /pw remove <level_name> - /pw <1/place> <level_name> - /pw <2/break> <level_name> - /pw <3/pvp> <level_name> - /pw <4/damage> <level_name> - /pw <5/flint> <level_name> ### config.json ```sh { "worlds": { "world": {...