1. GuneyYilmaz

    JavaDingSound 1.0

    Hello! This is the Ding Sound Plugin, a Minecraft Bedrock add-on developed to provide a missing feature. It allows players to hear a ding sound when they hit another player with an arrow, egg, trident, or snowball, just like in the Java edition. This plugin is designed to provide a more fun...
  2. B

    Experimental MusicController 1.0

    NOTE: sorry for my english :с This plugin allows you to control sounds in players Permissions: default: op music.command.stop: default: op Commands: /music-start <song> <player> - starts the sound, if the additional argument <player> is specified, then the sound...
  3. PetteriM1

    MentionSound 1.0

    This plugin plays a sound for the player when someone @ mentions him. Also @here is supported but can be disabled. You can choose the sound. Want to support the development of this plugin? Donate via PayPal
  4. R

    GSounds 5.0

    --|---------->GSounds<----------|-- You can get from this plugin, Fully customized, Death, Quit, Join, Sounds!, Unique plugin!, --|---------->WHAT THIS PLUGIN CAN DO?<----------|-- Plugin can give you a chance to change Join, Quit, Death sounds!, 1 - Death sounds editable! 2 - Join sounds...