1. iAtomPlaza

    Experimental NukkitDB 2.2.0

    Installation -------------------------------------------------------- 1. Drop into plugins folder 2. Restart server and stop again 3. Edit newly generated config.yml file Config -------------------------------------------------------- uri: "YOUR_CONNECTION_STRING" Developers...
  2. PetteriM1

    NemisysChatModule 1.0.1

    With this Nemisys plugin you can easily connect chat of all your servers. Just put the jar to Nemisys plugins folder, restart and edit chat formatting in config.yml if you want. This plugin doesn't format the message on the server it's sent from. Want to support the development of this...
  3. PetteriM1

    DiscordChat 2.3.0

    Sync your Nukkit server's chat with your Discord server using DiscordChat Features: Two-way chat with join, quit and death messages Mention & spam protection Player list & server ip commands on Discord Discord command for invite link in game Ability to mute the Discord chat using the in game...