1. GommeAWM

    BowTeleport 1.0.2

    BowTeleport BowTeleport | Minecraft Bedrock Edition | Nukkit | API 1.0.13 --- Description: > * BowTeleport is a simple teleportation Nukkit plugin. It allows you to teleport to the place your arrow/snowball landed. --- Features: ⭐ You can enable or disable teleportation with the `/bowtp`...
  2. Ayrz

    DinoTpa 1.0.0

    It is an add-on that allows you to teleport to a player or have a player teleport to you. Commands: - tpa - Request Teleport. - tpaccept - Accept the teleport request. - tpadeny - Deny Teleport Request. - tpall - attracts all players to his side. Attention!, Permissions: - ayrz.tpall
  3. JavaJar

    WarpPlugin 1.1.3

    Commands: - /warp (name) - /warps - /setwarp (name) - /delwarp (name) Permissions: - command.setwarp - command.delwarp
  4. ItzDarkRX

    TeleportUI 1.0.0

    Information Teleport to any player on the server. Commands - /tpd - TeleportUI Permissions - tpd.use
  5. Buddelbubi.

    WorldManager (Advanced MultiWorld Plugin) 1.2.0

    First of all I should show you all features: Teleport to another world World-Teleport-UI World-Generation UI generate new worlds (every generator and seed is possible) Delete a world list all worlds. Loaded and unloaded worlds load and unload and even reload worlds rename worlds...
  6. tim03we

    Experimental RandomTeleport 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT

    RandomTeleport With the plugin RandomTeleport you can teleport to random positions in the world. Command Command Permission Alias /randomteleport [level] randomteleport.use randomtp, rtp For any questions I am available to everyone on the Discord Server.
  7. iAtomPlaza

    Wormhole 1.0.1

    Note - This plugin requires FormAPI plugin to run! Wormhole Teleport yourself between other worlds on your server! permissions - allows usage of main command commands /worlds - view contents of worlds folder - no permission required /worldtp - opens Wormhole gui...
  8. xxExtic

    [GERMAN] BetterTransfer 1.0.0

    Ein Transfer Plugin was sich oder andere Spieler auf Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) transferieren lässt. Commands: /transfer <IP> | Transferiert dich mit dem Default Port (19132) /transfer <IP> <PORT> | Transferiert dich mit einen beliebigen Port (*****) /transfer <IP> <PORT> <Playername> |...
  9. PetteriM1

    Portals 1.0.2

    Portals plugin With this plugin you can create portals that run commands. The portals are just areas so you can make the physical part to be whatever you like. Usage: Add potral coordinates, height, width, command, etc to config.yml. There is an example portal in default config. You can copy...
  10. Z

    Discontinued SignUse 1.0

    I've updated the download link and can be downloaded again! Sorry about the down time. Note: This is my first public released plugin. I created this plugin for someone on Discord. Commands: /signuse or /su /su help /su setlocation <name> or /su sl <name> Save a location by a...
  11. ZeroDev

    Experimental WorldTpGUI 0.0.3

    Allows Admins to teleport between worlds with a simple UI in Nukkit get the latest version ( here ) Config Example: commands: /wtpui item: 339 (paper as default)