1. Josscoder

    UltimateTroll 1.0.0

  2. LlamaDevelopment

    LlamaTroll 1.1.0

    LlamaTroll Troll your players ✔ About ✔ LlamaTroll allows you to troll your players. 🛠Commands 🛠 Command Description Permission /slap <player> <times> Slap a player. (really annoying) llamatroll.slap /silenttroll <on|off> Turn on/off SilentTroll Mode. llamatroll.silenttroll...
  3. LoveCraft

    LoveDisguise v1.1

    - v1.1 - Commands: - Disguise List - /disguise | /dis - Select disguise - /disguise <disguise> | /dis <disguise> - Stop disguise - /disguise remove | /dis remove Disguises: zombie, creeper, skeleton, spider, zombiepigman, enderman, cavespider, witch, stray, husk, witherskeleton, wither...
  4. LoveCraft

    Experimental LoveTrolls v1

    -Troll Commands For OP & Console- Message Me If You Find Any Bugs, or If You Have Any Troll Suggestions.. Commands: /lttrip <player> Make The Player Drop Item In Hand /ltswap <player 1> <player 2> Swap Two Players Positions /ltsteal <player> Take & View Players Inventory / Give Players...