1. nixybuilder

    Will nukkit update?

    Hello, i found out many items that are in the game doesnt even work. Like barrels, you can make them but then they just dont work. Its missing so many items from few years old versions of mcpe. I just want to ask if it will be added or did the development stopped or what, just someone tell me. Ty
  2. BlackKnight683

    Update to 1.16.201?

    any news where can i find Nukkit or PowerNukkit for mcbe 1.16.201?
  3. PetteriM1

    UpdateNotifications 1.0.1

    Get notifications of new Nukkit builds Features: - Scheduled checking of updates with configurable timer - Ability to get update notification when joining the server as OP - Multi branch support - Version command with more detailed version information and update check - DiscordChat integration...
  4. M

    Saving Permissions

    I am currently in the middle of attempting to translate previously made Bukkit/Spigot plugins into plugins using the Nukkit API to run on a Bedrock server instead. I have successfully translated 99% of the code, however I am stuck on part of a Permissions plugin. In order to re-save my config...
  5. R

    Nemisys 1.14 Update

    Hello...When will Nemisys be updated, and can I help? If so how? Love Redstoneking18
  6. M

    Clients, Updates and Launchers....

    Hi guys, thanks for the great software! I'm new to the MCPE environment, I host several MC dedicated servers on linux boxes for the little one and his mates and am proficient with updates, plugins and launchers / versions etc. It's easy to choose older versions with the PC version thanks to the...
  7. augesrob

    Important Update For Developers and Domain Change

    Changes to Domain and Important Update For Developers New Website https://nukkitx.com/ Please note that your old login from https://potestas.xyz will remain working. No need to make a new account. Jenkins Server Domain Has Also Been Updated https://ci.nukkitx.com/job/NukkitX/job/master/...