1. W

    2.0 Welcome Messages v1.0.0

    WelcomeMessages is a Nukkit 2.0.0 plugin that can be used to display a welcome message/title/subtitle to users when they join your server! Upon running the plugin, a "config.yml" file will be made in your plugins folder. Inside the file are various properties you can modify to...
  2. T

    Advanced Welcome 0.1

    config.yml '#type examples': message title type: message message: - §l§3Welcome to your server - '§3website§c: §4https://twitter.com/DevBrianMedina' - line 3, you can add more lines title: §l§3Welcome to your server subtitle: '§3website§c: §4https://twitter.com/DevBrianMedina' image icon...
  3. C1oky

    Welcome 2.1

    BossBar and Title for welcome a player when join your server! You can edit the name in the config. Screenshot: Configuration file: ## Available placeholders: # %player_name% - get the player's name # %player_displayname% - get the player's display name # %player_ping% - get the...
  4. PetteriM1

    WelcomeForm 1.6

    WelcomeForm Show player a form window when they join Features: - You can edit the form title and text, use colors and add new lines - You can add a button and make that run a command when clicked - You can also make the command run when the button was not clicked - You can add a delay for...