AreaProtection 2.0.4


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Schdow submitted a new resource:

AreaProtection - A simple protection plugin.

A simple protection plugin to protect your server against griefing.
This plugin is not made for selling plots/areas. It's only made for the server admins to protect areas.

/ap pos1 - set 1. position
/ap pos2 - set 2. position
/ap bypass - bypass any restriction
/ap create <area_name> - create area
/ap info <area_name> - get all information about a area
/ap list - get a list of all areas
/ap goto <area_name> - teleport to area
/area flag <area_name>...
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Could you help me protect my area.
I use the commands / ap pos 1 and / ap pos2 and then / ap create name and I am not protected.
what am I doing wrong?


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Proxma updated AreaProtection with a new update entry:


AreaProtection - 2.0.0
I have rewritten many things in AreaProtection 2.0.0.

IMPORTANT: You need to delete the entire AreaProtection folder when upgrading from AreaProtection 1.X.X to 2.0.0. Note: all your old areas will be deleted and you have to create new ones.

What's new in AreaProtection 2.0.0?
- /ap flag <area> <flag> <true/false> was changed to /ap flag <area>. When executing this command an ui window will pop...
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I have tried blocking the permission
and areaprotection.*
but default users are still able to use the commands, how do i block permission from accessing the commands of this plugin?


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Dont give this Permissions the Default Group.
i tried that, and i also tried specifically blocking this permission from the default group but they are still able to use it. is it just "areaprotection" or "areaprotection." with a dot like most other perms?