MobEarn 1.1.0


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Schdow submitted a new resource:

MobEarn - MobEarn: earn money by killing mobs.

earn money by killing mobs.

Important: This Plugin requires EconomyAPI:

  1. Assign every earning per mob.
  2. Custom earn message
  3. Add mobs by their networkid (Maybe it works for custom mobs too, but I've not tested it.)
  4. Ability to disable the message
  5. Chat or popup message
  1. Download MobEarn.
  2. Put it in your /plugins folder.
  3. Start your server....
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Hello, I was wondering if you could make it so that this plugin allows per world disabling. So for instance it would not work in the Factions world. But it will work in the Survival world.


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Hi author!
The plugin is great,could I reproduce the plugin to mcbbs? I marked you as the author in the MCBBS,Users download the plugin in your original Nukkitx forum