The workflow for implementing resource_packs and behavior_packs


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I have a bit of experience with block bench and building custom items. I am trying to understand how I can implement an old vehicle pack I had already built which I packed down to two mcpack files (resource_pack & behavior pack)

It seems that Nukkit doesn't have a behavior_pack folder by default. I noticed there is a plugin which facilitates implementing and loading the behavior pack. What I tried is using one of these plugins on the market for the behavior pack and then in the server config turned on force load resources, and added my resource pack to the folder.

In the console it says that the resource pack and behavior pack loaded successfully but I don't actually see the additional egg that should show up in the crafting menu in creative at least in game. If someone could assist me with understanding the process for implementing existing resource pack & behavior packs that are in mcpack format I would be very grateful. This pack worked on minecraft realms servers when adding as mcaddon pack.