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    About addWindow

    In fact this can be done, and there is a feature like this at FillAmeaPixel, but I haven't figured out how they do it yet, maybe you can ask Catrainbow.
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    How does translate work?Does it automatically display text based on the player's client language?
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    MobArena Minigame

    Some advice: 1.Add commands to join the arena. 2.Add save inventory. 3.Support to modify the number of players. 4.NPCs don't seem to be facing the player. And,this is a really interesting plugin, I hope you can make it better.
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    Nukkit Limits

    It's normal.You can try BDServer.
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    I have solved the problem, a good plugin,thank you.
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    Why can't I connect to the database?Here is error: >java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException: Could not create connection to database server. Attempted reconnect 3 times. Giving up. at com.mysql.cj.jdbc.exceptions.SQLError.createSQLException( at...
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    No,in fact "MiniGames"is not a plugin,it is only my Nukkit's name,I rename it to make it easier to distinguish.Maybe it was something else?
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    If BanSystem enable,it will produces the following error: [BanSystemNK] Successfully loaded Yaml provider. 14:50:08 [ERROR] Throwing java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Expected static method...
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    BedWars plug-in?

    "I don't think that anyone will upload a public bedwars plugin bc. having bedwars is a big advantage compared to other servers.." from BuddelStudios 所以在发帖前麻烦动动脑子,这么直白地白嫖,没人理你我都替你觉得尴尬
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    Import BE world (RPi server)

    If you are using Nukkit1.0,it need JE1.12 level.You can use MCC toolchest.
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    Transfer on shut down in Nemisys didn't work.

    I'm sure I was enbale the TransferOnShutdown,but when I stop this server,I still can't transfer to main server(Nemisys and main server is running,too).Please tell me what went wrong?